The Dead Sea phenomenon and its Heritage, Geology, Geography and influences on Health

Salt obtained from Dead Sea
A water body that has the highest amount of salt is the Dead Sea. This sea is located between Israel and Jordan and has more salt than any sea, with more than thirty percent salt content unlike other seas that have only less salt content. Since a very long time, people have found the waters of Dead Sea to have healing powers.

You will find in the scriptures of about 2000 years before, Flavius, a scholar has stated that the salt from Dead Sea would heal and rejuvenate the body. The Dead Sea waters have sodium chloride in less percentage and more bromdes unlike the normal sea. The salt in Dead Sea contains potassium, magnesium, and bromide. Such a rare combination of minerals makes the salt from Dead Sea have the therapeutic effects. Foods for Healthy Skin.

The advantages of salts from Dead Sea
The salts are advantageous because of the various types of minerals found in them. Strengthening of bones and reducing water retention are the advantages of calcium. Water retention as well as relieving from stress are achieved by magnesium since many years.

Premier Dead Sea Twitter. Magnesium can also be used for delaying aging and for reducing the stress. Potassium is vital for maintaining the fluid balance both on the body and within the skin and muscles. Muscle stiffness is cured by bromide. On the whole, the rare combination of minerals in the salts of Dead Sea is very effective in strengthening the internal and external systems. Many health conditions are cured by the minerals of Dead Sea which are absorbed during soaking.

Skin problems usually found
So many skin problems such as acne and psoriasis have been cured when the affected person soaks in water that contains salt from Dead Sea. A research shows that patients having skin problems such as psoriasis will find cure within a few weeks of treatment by taking salt baths from Dead Sea. In less than a week, those who use high concentration of salt in their bathing got remarkable relief from itching, scaling of skin and improvement of sleep pattern. Inflammation of skin is reduced and hydration of skin is improved with the help of usage of more magnesium in the salt from Dead Sea.

Rheumatology problems
Salts from Dead Sea have always proved to have a good medicinal effect when it is absorbed on various rheumatologic problems such as psoriatic arthritis, and osteoarthritis. For those who were having tendinitis or osteoarthritis, baths with Dead Sea salts for more than a week had a remarkable improvement as per a study. They showed the same improvement till the study was completed and by then the patients pointed out that they reduced the usage of analgesics because they had less pain.

Application of power of Dead Sea
Many of us may not be able to go to Middle East to get the complete effect of the waters found in Dead Sea, and so many companies that manufacture cosmetic products that contain the salt make use of the mineral salts and their healing effect. You may not feel the same like bathing in the sea but it will be wonderful for the body!Various studies on natural remedies lay emphasis on the usage of body scrub with salt from Dead Sea and the salts in order to get the complete benefit of minerals. Check Premier Dead Sea on LinkedIn as well.