It’s not a modern trend, folks have been well aware of the amazing medical properties of the Dead Sea

It’s not a recent discovery, people have been well aware of the amazing therapeutic properties that minerals found in the Dead Sea inhabit, in fact they make one look beautiful by affecting the skin in a positive manner. Also known popularly as the Sea of salt, it is known to have the highest solid content compared to any other water body.

The Dead see is home to the highest atmospheric pressure on our planet. The mineral content and the atmospheric pressure, make the Dead Sea extremely therapeutic. Dead Sea Divers.

The Sea of Salt or the Dead Sea lies very close to the western edge of what was once known as the cradle of civilization, the area is housed between the Mediterranean Sea in the west, the Persian gulf in the East, The Tigris River in the North and the Euphrates River in the South. Housed between the Mediterranean Sea, Euphrates River, Tigris River and Persian Gulf, it lies on the western edge of what was once known as the Cradle of Civilization to all. In 3500 BCE it was known as Mesopotamia and was home to earth’s most ancient civilizations. Today, we better know the region as Iraq.

If we go ahead in time from then, may be about 2500 years ahead, you will note that around that time, King Solomon, was working towards bringing peace into the land. Known as a peaceful king, King Solomon is known so well because he used the tools of diplomacy to create peace around his kingdom. Only after his kingdom was peaceful, did he go ahead and think about industrialization. It was in his plans for industrialization that the benefits of the Dead Sea were to be exploited. He not only made access available to the people of his kingdom, but also helped create a product range that was affordable, so that people could use it to foster peace and relaxation amongst neighbors.

900 years after that, Cleopatra makes an appearance, and the saga of her beauty is indeed epic, as she seduces the great Mark Antony and Julius Caeser. This is achieved as she edges on in her journey to be the last pharaoh of Egypt. While we may never really know how beautiful Cleopatra was, we can learn about her charms and flawless beauty from what is left to us from history and that is an eighty drachma coin used during her reign and some sculptures that were found that display her beautiful full lips and petite nose. We may not know for sure of she was indeed that beautiful, but what we do know is that she used the resources. It is indeed known that Cleopatra went to various lengths to make the Dead Sea fall under her territory. In fact, even too date, the remnants of pharmaceutical and cosmetic factories are found on the banks of Ein Bokek and Ein Gedi.

Just step in 200 years down and you will see that both the edges of the Dead Sea, in Israel and in Jordan, have a long line of spas that people from all over the world travel to in order to stay beautiful. These spas are basically exploiting the amazing and healthy environment that the Dead Sea provides. The only difference is that the benefits through history were only assumed, now these benefits come with proof.