6 Amazing Tips To Treat Your Facial Skin Just Right!


Facial skin care routines, just like our very own facial skin, should vary according to our personal needs and wants. This is a basic fact that everyone should know. The market is already segregating products into normal, sensitive, oil, dry, combination, and so on. Skin care has become more diverse and affordable. But at what cost? It seems that the task of finding the perfect routine seems to be totally within reach, but is it, really?

In the sea of products and online reviews, we find out that there is so much more to skin care than the labels on the bottles, as the writer of this article found out. More often than not, skin care enthusiasts end up buying into hyped products and routines, without evaluating what they really need. Promises lead to expectations. We realize the time, effort, and money wasted when our skin care plans do not go well. You need to research, develop a routine, and you need to use just the right product. Here we have some super simple, everyday tips that can (and will!) make a difference to your cleansing methods and your face’s health.

Don’t Use Harsh Cleansers

We are often led to believe that beads within facial cleansers are more effective “scrubbers” of our skin. Sometimes, a stinging sensation in the skin is what we think is the result of a thorough cleanse. Don’t be fooled by these popular beliefs – beads can create micro-tears on the face’s surface that gradually worsen over time. Harsh ingredients dry out the skin’s natural oils, making your facial skin “panic” and produce more oil, leading to clogged pores and pimples. Let go of the “squeaky-clean” sensation and use mild cleansers daily. Use exfoliators less frequently, and check the ingredients to keep your facial oils in check.


Don’t Use Products in Jars

The issue of “double-dipping” always comes up when it comes to shared eating with others. Guess what? The same concept that applies to your salsa tub applies to cosmetics that come in jars. This doesn’t just refer to when you stick your fingers in the product. When you leave the jar open, you expose the product inside to external factors like air and light, which can harm the effectivity of the ingredients. This packaging can’t let go of this design flaw. Opt for bottles and tubes that keep the ingredients safe until you actually need them.

Do Get Enough Sleep

Dark undereye circles aren’t the only ‘skin effects’ of sleep deprivation. Sleep is the period of cell regeneration of our body. Restoration happens all throughout the body, which is good news for the skin as well. Tired skin that has had incomplete amount of rest is noticeably blotchy and dull. Stress and hormones that come with lack of sleep are also the biggest skin offenders. Aim to get seven to nine hours of sleep to wake up to a brighter face.


Don’t Go To Bed With Your Makeup

There are two enemies at play here. One, leftover makeup threatens to clog your face. Two, dirt and other substances that have stuck onto said makeup and threaten to infect your face. Be cautious and make sure your entire face and neck are clear of product before you hit the bed. Use the right cleanser, because your stubborn foundation and waterproof eyeliner need different products to break them up off your face. Just as mentioned in tip number 1 above, the proper cleanser is important so you’re not tempted to rub your face raw with harsh scrubs when the cleaning gets tough!

Use the Right Moisturizer for your Skin Type

‘Moisturizing’ isn’t just the opposite of ‘drying’. Sure, the cream slathered onto your face might feel like its penetrating water into your pores, but that isn’t the only function. Read labels and figure out which ingredients solve your problems. The type of moisturizer also counts. Dry skin can do well with creams. However, the same kind could be too greasy for oily skin, so if that’s the case, you’re better off with water-based gels. That’s why we love Dead Sea products such as Premier products because they’re made with natural ingredients that aren’t harsh on the skin. Before selecting the right moisturizer for your skin it’s always best to read some Premier Dead Sea reviews and videos so you can find the best one. Here is a video that helped me a lot to choose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiUHm-rvjvE. If you want to learn more about you can check the official website Premier Dead Sea: Official Australia / New Zealand Website than look no further!

DO Drink Lots of Water

Related to the previous item, moisturizer alone will not help the dry and flaky condition of your facial skin. Remember that the job of the moisturizer is to hold water to your face and is strictly a topical solution. Be healthy from within and deliver internal moisture. Drinking up those fabled 8 glasses of water daily impacts your skin significantly. It might seem hard to remember to down that much water, especially if one has been used to sugary drinks. Just remember to keep count of the amount of water you drink after you wake up, have your meals, and go to sleep, and it should be smooth sailing.


Facial skin care is no joke, but everything could become much easier if you work smart and follow these tips. Do your research and put in the effort to retain the youthfulness of your skin. Read labels and look for reviews, like this one https://www.premierdeadsea-usa.com/reviews, that match your skin type because you need to use just the right product – no more and no less. Turn these tips into habits you will never forget. Remember that the little things – the little habits and routines you should keep up – make a huge difference. You always get what you pay for, both your effort and money’s worth will show in the way you love your skin.