Your skin and the sun Skin Care in Summer Time – 4 Aspects that Are Often Overlooked

Summer equals having fun in the sun, lots of bathing and cute short dresses. Who doesn’t love the glow of a smooth, tanned skin during summer? It’s everybody’s favorite time of the year! However, as the sun and hot weather settles in, our skin is significantly exposed to the sun, putting our skin at the[…]

It’s not a modern trend, folks have been well aware of the amazing medical properties of the Dead Sea

It’s not a recent discovery, people have been well aware of the amazing therapeutic properties that minerals found in the Dead Sea inhabit, in fact they make one look beautiful by affecting the skin in a positive manner. Also known popularly as the Sea of salt, it is known to have the highest solid content[…]

How are salt and mud from the Dead Sea helpful for better overall health?

People since many ages have treated Dead Sea as the main destination for getting a healthy skin and better life.Cosmetics from Dead Sea have been highly preferred for their efficiency to keep the skin youthful and to save it from aging signs. The Dead Sea has unique climatic conditions and contains 26 very important minerals[…]