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You have entered the amazing Dead Sea Cosmetics world of James Lancaster, one of the foremost skin health experts in the United Kingdom. Mr. Lancaster has worked with some of the biggest names in the make-up and skincare industry and began this personal blog to share those secrets with you.

He’s had enough of the big wigs pushing all kinds of information out there on products that are the “next big thing” but in reality, are hazardous to one’s health. A good choice of skincare according to Mr. Lancaster has studied the incredible, therapeutic effects of Dead Sea cosmetics and skincare.

It began when he read this article about it on Ynet News and through extensive research and countless texts, he came to the conclusion that the best substances are not those used by the mainstream brands. So he set out to start, where he can share his discoveries with anyone interested in the incredible properties of Dead Sea cosmetics and skincare. The minerals found in the water, mud and algae of the Dead Sea have revealed their incredible advantages over the last decade.

It’s no wonder people love to visit the Dead Sea, but now we really know why.

James Lancaster has always been at the forefront of all skin health research concerning Dead Sea cosmetics. If you want to revolutionize your skincare routine that make sure to check out this blog. You will discover products and ingredients that will help you look and feel better! Get more information at Premier Dead Sea on wikipedia if you would like to know about a product James Lancaster swears by!

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